Get to Know Us

Company History

Our company is built around doing what we love. A huge part of the foundation of our family is our love of the outdoors. Side-by-siding and ATVing has given us opportunities to go places and experience things in our backcountry like never before. We want to give everyone that opportunity.

About Bigfoot Backcountry Rentals

Everyone always tells you to do what you love. What better way to spend your day working than by helping people get outdoors and letting them fall in love with side-by-siding and the adventures it creates.

Why We Do It

Company Values

Bigfoot Backcountry Rentals has many values that it believes in. We think that everyone should have a chance to experience the outdoors the same way that we have for many years. We also believe in making sure that everyone is safe and making the correct decisions when they adventure out on the trails. Nature is beautiful, but it also has its own share of dangers. Our team will make sure that everyone knows what they are getting into and that they are properly prepared for the journey ahead.

We want our thrill-seekers to ride the trails and have an exciting and safe time while doing so. BBR provides an experienced voice that will guide you before the start of your ride. It’s time to start creating fun-filled memories that will last a lifetime!